making your blog searchable

I’ve been trying to find ways to make my blog searchable in google or other search engines because I want to increase traffic but it’s really hard here in tumblr for some reason I don’t know and I’m too lazy to edit the other blogs I created. I managed to find some ways, first if you go to your settings page there is an option to allow search engines find you. All you need to do is go to your dashboard and click your tumblr’s page title beside the dashboard link, then you will see settings. Just find the option, allow search engines blah,blah.

I also learned the word robotxt, so technical that I read a lot of articles about it but could not figure out how I can disable it. According to my webmaster it has blocked a lot of crawlers to my site. I figured another option which is submitting your pages link to 

google »

yahoo »

bing/msn search »

I didn’t know that bing and msn search are now the same haha so I learned a lot today.

I’m not sure if it worked it would take weeks and as they say its not a guarantee, I probably need to study web page hosting or whatever. My head now aches. 

My next project is making a directory or indexing my blog. i probably need a week of vacation for that.

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